Jacek Chocolate Tasting

Had a fantastic date night at Jacek. I got surprised with a trip to Jacek for a chocolate tasting at the beginning of the month. We arrived to a small group of people waiting to take part in this experience with us. You could smell the cocoa in the air. Each table had a sheet with little cups on it of the varieties of chocolate we were tasting. A flavour wheel and a bottle of water to cleanse our pallets.

We started off learning about the cocoa bean and tasting the nibs. These little seeds from the inside that have been roasted. They sell them in small bags and they are supposed to be good for baking like chocolate chips with crunch. The people around. One of the pieces we tried was roasted with papaya (the 55% Itakija) and you could really taste the sweet juices incorporated with the chocolate. It seemed to be one of the favourites for the whole room. I am also a big fan of the 70% Dominican.

A tour through the back room where all the chocolate making happens was another treat the evening had to offer. We got to taste a few of the final products and see how all of it comes together to form these tasty delectables. From the machines that mix to the mould’s and painting and finally back to our tasting room to see what flavours we like to match with the chocolate. There were berries, cheeses and herbs to match with milk or dark chocolate. I tried 4 or 5 different combinations before assembling a box to take home with me for another night.

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