Artisan Resto-Cafe

Went for brunch with a friend the other day to this great little cafe on Whyte. It was raining out and yet the place still had a very sunshiny feel. We had a wonderful waitress who upon checking in with us a few times as we got carried away chatting because it's been a while since we had seen each other and were too caught up to look at the menu's. She did not make us feel pressured and had a lighthearted humorous attitude.

The place had a very relaxing and positive vibe to it and the whole environment left me refreshed.

We both ordered eggs benny. Her the Veggie Delight and myself the Pacific. We both loved the buttery hollandaise sauce and the fresh fruit that came with it was the perfect start to our day. Our waitress even made sure that the coffee we had was fresh and never let our cups be empty. Totally a drool worthy experience.

Yes it was as tasty as the picture looks. The Salmon had a nice light smokey flavour and the Spinach could have been freshly picked it was that crisp. I recommend trying this if your looking for a great place to eat and have a good conversation.

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