Northern Chicken

Had a lunch date with my sweetheart and a couple friends today down at Northern Chicken. I have been there once before and loved it so much I wanted to go back. Today my sweetie and I tried their 6 piece meal with an added side of their Asparagus Salad. We went with half regular chicken and half hot chicken. I love their regular chicken. It is crispy and juicy. Their hot chicken is very much the same but uses a hot oil to spice it up. It definitely has a kick to it and I am glad I didn’t go for the extra hot. The pieces with the sweet pickles on are the hot ones. Wonderful coleslaw! I also got a couple bites of their Doritos Mac and Cheese. It is highly recommended the Doritos add a nice little crunch. Two pieces was more than enough for me and I look forward to more of the original chicken. They have a great drink menu for beers, whisky’s and homemade drinks such as lemonade, apple cider and ice tea. Thanks to our waitress for helping us have a wonderful lunch and some time to catch up with friends.

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