I went to this unique hot dog spot in Old Strathcona close to the Garneau Theatre yesterday and had a great time catching up with two friends. We went just before noon and took a quick stop at Wizard’s Comics next door. It’Dog has something on the menu for the more conservative hot dog eats to the more exotic hot dog eater. The buns were soft and fresh and quite amazing actually and their fries and fried chicken are quite good too. I am a huge fan of the light dusting of pepper on the fries and the chicken was nice and juicy under the crispy batter. My more conservative food friend was able to enjoy his cheese dog while I went on a full bore food exploration with their Takoyaki Dog that has Deep fried Squidballs on it (I’ve never had squid balls let alone on a hotdog and was quite intrigued as to what it was). It’s a fun menu and my anime comic book loving friends had a great time watching the Korean music videos on the tv next to our table. If your curious to see what a Takoyaki Dog is, this is what it looks like. I will definitely go again but will most likely order one of the other options and get myself some more of that tasty chicken.

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