Garlic Chicken Soup with a Kick

At 1:30 today my sweetheart walked though the door looking like he was beat over the head with the Common house hold plague I most likely transferred to him over the week. He immediately went upstairs to rest and had a good long nap. I’m glad he takes care of himself so well and he’s really good to me when I’m sick too which is why I decided to make soup for supper. I don’t have a lot of skills in making soup. I make a really good wonton soup which I will share with you another day but other than that I am usually sticking to a recipe. Tonight’s soup just seemed to fall together for me. 

It started with 2 boxes of low sodium chicken broth and 2 chicken breasts. The chicken was still frozen when I put it in the stock. I let it warm on medium high and added half a bulb of garlic sliced, a 1/4 cup of leek thinly sliced, 3 dried Chili peppers and a ich of 5 spice powder. After letting this simmer till the chicken was cooked through and the flavours were blending and coming out of the pepper I took the chicken out to rest on the cutting boards.  I added 1 sliced carrot and 2 sliced crimini mushrooms and a 1/3 can of baby corn.  While they were simmering I sliced one of the chicken breasts and put it back in the soup. The other will remain in the fridge for lunches. I then added a few Tbsps of Chili sauce and mixed it well.  
In a separate pot I boiled water and added thicker vermicelli rice noodles. Boiled them for 5 min and ran under cold water for a minute. I then added them to my soup. They were still a little firm when I added them but finished cooking in the soup.

Seemed like the perfect soup to warm a sick body today.

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