Asian BBQ Pork and Asparagus Pizza

A little poor planning on my part last night, dinner was late but it was still possible. I didn’t start making this till almost 7 pm which meant supper happened at around 9:30. I had pulled out some pork and after eating meat, potatoes and asparagus most of the week I decided to see what else I could do with the same ingredients.

I had heard from several people that potatoes in your pizza dough made for a nice fluffy crust so I looked up a recipe and went at it. They weren’t wrong. It was still crisp on the bottom and edges but was soft on the inside of the crust.

My sweet heart looked up a BBQ Pork recipe and made a nice BBQ sauce from a marinade style sauce he found and modified a little. It turned out to be a perfect BBQ Sauce for this Pizza, sweet, sticky and full of flavour. The 5 spice in it went really well with the pork and veggies. We added white onion, crimini mushrooms, red pepper and asparagus. I strongly recommend having a little fun on your own with the ingredients and try a potatoe pizza crust. Here is the link to the one I tried. I skipped the corn meal.

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