Taj Mahal Poutine at La Poutine

Ventured out for some adventure today since the weather was so beautiful (+4c ). After walking though the Ice on Whyte ice sculptures I ventured over to La Poutine just off 109st by the U of A as it’s been on my hit list to try for a while and I have been hearing many great things. I walk in to find 2 tiny tables and a few seats along a wall. If your going with a group you may have to grab and go. 

They have a creative list of Poutine to choose from. I had a hard time deciding between their Québécois and the Taj Mahal but ultimately the curry one my favour. My sweetheart went with the traditional with their traditional gravy. Quite good from the little bite I was able to snitch from his dish. The Taj Mahal surprised me. It is a tomato red curry sauce with chickpeas; slightly sweet but the curry packs a nice little punch that will warm your nose just a bit.

La Poutine
Ice on Whyte

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