Parmesan Gruyere Potatoes with White Truffle Oil

The sun is shining off the snow and it is a beautiful day after a very cold week.  I had a container of Costco Chicken Tortilla Soup in the fridge that was just beckoning to be made.  Instead of having a nice chunk of bread with it or a plate of nachos I added a side of potatoes and it was delish.  The potatoes were not as crispy as I would have liked but they were pretty darn close.  Next time I will live them in for just a couple more minutes.

I sliced the potatoes to 1.75 mm on the mandolin and let them sit in a bowl of whipping cream (As I have been avoiding a trip to the store to get milk for a couple of days now).  In a separate bowl I mixed approximately half a cup of flour with about 2 Tbsps Parmesan and 2 Tbsps Gruyere cheese.  Taking the sliced potatoes I coated them in the floury mixture and fried them till they were turning golden brown.  

They were still very soft though so I put them on a cookie sheet drizzled white truffle oil on them and let them broil for a few minutes to crisp up (about 5 min).  Adding thinly sliced red onion and a side of sour cream with dill in to fill just put this over the top for a tasty side.

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