Moose Tenderloin in a Saskatoon Hoisin Sauce


I’ve been talking about doing a Wildmeat Saskatoon dish for a while so last night that’s just what I did. The sauce and the tenderloin were amazing while I undercooked the wildrice quinoa mix and overcooked the peas.

Salt and pepper the tenderloin and let sit for about half an hour

In a saucepan Sommer for abou 10-15 min:

2 Tbsps Hoisin paste

1/2 cup saskatoons

1 Tbsp of fresh ginger

1/4 tsp powdered garlic (I would use a clove or too but I was out of the fresh stuff)

2 Tbsp apple jelly

1/4 cup of water


The sauce gets nice and sticky.  Let the sauce cool a bit and make the rice.


I put chicken bouillon in the water and added a half a carrot and 1/4 cup of peas. I recommend cooking the carrot and peas separately and adding them after to avoid my issue.

Sear the tenderloin on all sides. Coat lightly with sauce and cook on 450f in the oven. After 10 min and the rest of the sauce and cook another 5 min. The tenderloin should be done. I used a meat thermometer to make sure and it was pink when I sliced into it and still very juicy.


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