Open-faced Savoury Harvest Bacon Egg Sandwich

There is nothing better than starting off your day with your favourite breakfast. For me that is an open faced egg sandwich. With as many variations as possible. This morning was English Muffin with Harvest Bacon, Basted Farm Fresh Eggs, Swiss-Cave Aged Gruyere and sautéed Red Onion to garnish.  I added a little bit of fresh Dill for colour. Still haven’t taught myself how to make my own English muffins so there is still room for improvement on this tasty delight.

For anyone trying this at home cook the eggs on 3 1/2 on your burner setting in a heavy aluminum pan just coated with canola oil. Add approximately a tablespoon of water on top of the eggs and put a lid on it. Check periodically to make sure the tops of the white on the egg are cooked and if the yoke starts changing it’s definitely ready. You will have soft runny eggs.

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